Essay on The Destruction Caused By The Atomic Bomb On Hiroshima And Nagasaki

Essay on The Destruction Caused By The Atomic Bomb On Hiroshima And Nagasaki

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The destruction caused by the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was beyond brutal that the history of the world had ever recorded before the event. Loss of lives, that included civilians, could not be made up with any regret that we might bear now and hence, I do not agree that the use of nuclear weapon was necessary in order to end the World War II and I believe the stubbornness of the United States government over unconditional surrender blinded the nation-state to consider the necessary humanitarian loss that was caused by the use of the Atomic Bomb.
The following are the reasons I believe were the cause of the Americans to avoid the destruction and carry out the plan to end the war quickly and in glory:
The dehumanization of the enemy had disabled the Americans to empathize with human lives in general. After the pearl harbor, the propagandas displayed Japanese as less than human creatures like apes or as superhuman. This segregated them distinctly and Americans lost their ability to empathize with them as human beings. They agreed to the idea that they need to be eliminated out of the fear and anger they raged by attacking pearl harbor.
In the class simulation, I was playing the role of General George Marshal. He identified that the air and sea power were very affective creating the blockade. I was audience to many arguments in which I recognized that loss of civilian lives was not made a priority. The estimated figure did come out, but it was not pressed over more, as if it was not a matter to reconsider the decision. The bomb insured higher possibility of quicker surrender and it was the most effective solution and consequently the morality behind the mission was left aside while making these decisions.
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... allowed them to achieve quick success without the assistance from the Soviet Union and England, but the allies would have still emerged victorious as the axis power was already deteriorating. There were alternatives to the bomb which Barton Bernstein talked about and he concluded that none would have been as quick as the bomb, but the bomb not only left numerous life devastated but also cursed further generations with genetic mutation.
The development and use of bomb was claimed to end war for once and all but it has only brought further risk to the future in my opinion. Non-proliferation of the nuclear weapon treaty is not recognized by many nation-states. Like Bernstein said, without the bomb or postwar atomic diplomacy of 1945, there would not have been Soviet-American harmony, but it would have avoided suspicion and fear that now exist amongst the entire world.

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