Destracted Driver Penalties

Destracted Driver Penalties

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I believe that California should have stricter punishment for motorist who text and drive
I also believe that stricter punishments would ensure that distracted driver will adhear to the law and keep our streets and roads safe from people who chose to put others at risk just because they feel it necessary to send a texts while driving.
On September 28, 2008 then-Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law legislation that prohibited the transmission of text messages while operating a motor vehicle and fines for first time offender would be $20.00 and second time offender 50.00. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety “Cell phone talking and texting combined were cited by 35.6 percent of respondents as being the biggest safety problems, down from 38.8 percent in 2011, but higher than the 18.3 percent in 2010.”
In addition the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) distracted driving is a growing public safety hazard. Specifically, the dramatic rise in texting volumes since 2005 appeared to be contributing to an alarming rise in distracted driving fatalities. This is a real problem because the are the numbers are simply not decreasing enough to make a real impact on the safety of the drivers on the rode ways.
Using text to communicate is very common, its used in everyday living. Its become such a quick means to communicate that some people even text while operating their motor vehicles, but let me pose to you this question. Do you know of someone who has lost a family member or close personal friend due to texting and driving while operating a motor vehicle?
I know for certain that I know of at least once instance where I've sat at a stop light and seen the person next to me on their cell phone texting away, checking face book or snapping pictures. Can you imagine being that person who killed someone else or even yourself for that matter just because you wanted to send out that quick message through text? I have over the course of two years been in four accidents involving a person distracted by being on their call phone either through text. Luckily there weren't any substantial injuries or damages involved, but things could been much worst.

Althought the argument against texting, viewing or any form of distracted driving seems to be very clear a new report submitted by The National Traffic Safety Board imply that driving while texting is in their words “is totally fine” and “not that big a deal” just make sure you look away from your phone every so often.

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“If you’re driving and have a really important text to send, that’s okay; just try to keep one eye on the road as best you can,” NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman said of the report, which looks to put into place a sort of “50-50 rule” for distracted drivers, Making it seem like that safest thing to do is to keep half you mind on a the road and half your attention on the mobile device you are using at the moment. suggesting they keep half their attention on the road and half on their hand held device.
Distracted driving in today’s society is a very serious issue that needs solutions, whether is stricter fines or re-education of the hazards that are on the roads today if you aren’t fully engaged in the safety of you and the motorist around you. It seem not unusual to see someone glancing down at his or her mobile devices, and in most occasions this simple action of taking ones eyes and attention off the road results in a traffic accident. All distraction while driving compromise a drivers ability to operate their motor vehicle . According to the United States Department of Transportation, "text messaging while driving creates a crash risk 23 times higher than driving while not distracted." With all the information and statistics provided, still more than 35% of drivers continue to send text messages while driving an automobile, and an astounding 20% admit to doing so on a regular basis. When I was first learning how to drive I was taught to keep both hands on the wheel and my eyes fully engaged on the road, because if you first taught to drive you learn to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. These simple rules and guidelines that are being are being disobeyed and mostly disregard on a daily basis.

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