Destination Marketing : Queenstown : The Objectives Outlined By Destination Queenstown

Destination Marketing : Queenstown : The Objectives Outlined By Destination Queenstown

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Question 3

Destination Marketing: Queenstown

The objectives outlined By destination Queenstown is that they want to focus on the experience for visitors and ensure that Queenstown is consistently offering world class service and experience.They will achieve this by working with airlines, local government and tourism concerned organizations.

Research is often undertaken to see how well Queenstown is doing as a tourism destination. Visitor Arrival and Departure cards as well as online platforms such as Tripadvisor are used to reach such information.

The biggest strength of them all for Queenstown is that Queenstown has very strong seasons, for example when its winter it is snowing, cold and rainy and for summer it is incredibly hot. That is something that is very unique and strong about Queenstown and it is good to experience seasons at their best, this also means that Queenstown can be flexible throughout the year.

The weather in Queenstown compliments the great activities that there are to do in Queenstown and can be quite attractive to domestic tourists looking to getaway to somewhere close.

A weakness of Queenstown is that it is very tourism based, and as this is good it does not provide everything that may be needed for locals or for tourists that have special requests or specific needs. There is less variety in local supermarkets for example the main center supermarket does not sell simple things such as plastic cups or stockings.

As popularity grows in Queenstown this gives businesses more opportunity to expand and diversify. Queenstown clearly has grown popularity with 2 million visitors per year and there is more to come as the years go by, obviously the current services will not be suffice for growi...

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...festive atmosphere and range of high quality accommodation options make the region a popular destination not just for travellers but wedding incentives and conference events.

The region is renowned for their incredible adventure activities and magnificent versatile terrain. You could try skiing, bungy jumping, paragliding, jetboating, sky diving and so much more!


Destination Queenstown use a variety of marketing channels to effectively market Queenstown as a tourist destination and allow overseas agents to learn more about Queenstown. Some of the main marketing channels include Consumer Media & Comms and Travel Trade Business Events. These help with marketing to overseas travel agents where Queenstown is often purchased from . The main placement for Queenstown is overseas travel agents who will go straight to supplier or use wholesale travel channels.

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