Essay on Desperation: The Rise of the Nazi State

Essay on Desperation: The Rise of the Nazi State

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Starving. You are starving. According to Germany during the Great Depression you would have been out of work and hungry for many years now. You take your trillion marks down to the corner store, wait in line, claw and fight your way for the last couple of items and then find out when you get to the cashier that due to the ever growing inflation your trillions of marks won’t be enough for a single loaf of bread, as is life in Germany in the late 20’s and early 30’s. According to Commanding Heights: The German Inflation most people especially the young have grown up in these terrible conditions were it was more cost effective to take the German marks and burn and use them as wallpaper than as actual money. Around this time you hear about a new political party that is slowly gaining momentum. They had an answer to all of your problems. A cause, an effect, and a solution. They tell you that you are the greatest people on Earth and you have the might a lineage to rise up and become a great and powerful empire. You are immediately hooked.
In desperation people will do what they probably would never do in there right mind. It is this historically justified statement that helped Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party rise to power. For almost a decade the German people had lived in an extremely impoverished state. Hitler and his party provided a pillar of support for the country to lean on. They promised economic change through the creation of public projects including the building of highways and other infrastructure. They blamed the rest of the world and more specifically, the Jewish people for the problems Germany faced. While this anti-Semitism might not have seemed that bad to most people at the time they should have known what Hitler was...

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...of all time. From his continued false calls for peace, to his completely legal takeover of Germany, to the keeping of power through a combination of fear, blame, and flattery, is something if minus the mass killing, can almost be revealed upon. I can personally believe that when the German people stated that they had no idea what was going on, that they meant it. It is a shame that one man could deceive so many yet maybe it will stand as an example for future generations of the power of words, actions, and desperation.

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