Essay on The Desire to Succeed

Essay on The Desire to Succeed

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As the eldest son of a peasant farmer and a charcoal seller in rural Ghana, I have always been struggling my way up. In order to support my parents take care of me and my younger siblings, I had to spend time every day after school working in my father’s farm. It wasn’t easy, but that was my only option. Sometimes, I am even discouraged and wish that I could quit school, but my desire to change the situation in my family has kept me going. I have been studying and working diligently towards my education because that is the most assured way to successful future. I believe that one day, with hard work and determination, my dreams will be a reality.
Because both of my parents are illiterates, I want to become a prominent educated person and also set a good pace for my younger siblings; however, inadequate finances have always been an impediment to my ambitions but my determination has never waned. When I was twelve, things became very difficult for my parents so I was compelled to start working with my father in his farm to increase crop production in his farm. Going to school and work...

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