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Waking up early on Saturday morning’s to volunteer at Pleasant Place Incorporated became a routine for me once I joined Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated in the spring of 2009. Although waking up from a deep sleep and fairy tale dreams was anything but pleasant, walking into the shelter filled with teenage mothers always struck me with both happiness and sadness.
After a few visits to the shelter I quickly realized what role I would play in the lives of these young ladies and their children. I knew I was not there to pass judgment and never once did it cross my mind to make these teenagers feel insecure. Instead, I wanted to build their confidence and help them realize their ability to create their own pathway to success.
As I continued to volunteer at Pleasant Place the teenage mothers began to confide in me. I built several friendships and shared many laughs with the young mothers. Getting out of my bed on Saturday mornings was no longer an obligation, but something I looked forward to. I eagerly awaited bonding with the women and their young children. My visits to Pleasant Place reminded me of my ultimate goal— I want to use my voice to advocate for at risk families and children.
The events that occurred one Saturday at Pleasant Place encouraged me in my mission to serve these women and others in similar situations. One of the mothers asked me to sit down and speak with her alone. The tone in this girl’s voice made me very uneasy. In a very serious tone she said to me “Help me get to where you are.” For the first time in my visits to the shelter, I felt a warm dull pressure behind my eyes as I listened to the young lady speak. My cheerful attitude suddenly transformed into one of serious concern. Thoughts ran through my...

... middle of paper ... and an advocate in the legal arena, for families who struggle due to socioeconomic status, lack of education, or life altering situations.
Being granted admission into Florida International University, College of Law, I know my voice will be heard and a positive change will be made. Earning a law degree at your University brings me a step closer to assisting those who work towards a better lifestyle for themselves and their families. My drive and determination will not only help families overcome job layoff’s but will also supply them with understanding of employment rights and education opportunities. I am confident that I will effectively use litigation to change the lives of families and bring about social change. I know that law school is full of hurdles and I am certain that I am equipped with the strength and knowledge to jump each one of them.

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