Designing More Sophisticated Security On Their Routers And Switches Essay

Designing More Sophisticated Security On Their Routers And Switches Essay

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My initial assignment was to enable and configure more sophisticated security on their routers and switches. However, after a week of twiddling I grew extremely frustrated and asked my manager to be moved to a different task. I’m glad I did, because the tasks they gave afterwards were interesting and challenging, but not frustrating. The tasks were mainly code clean up and ease of life improvement in the codebase. I found these to be a good warm up to the codebase.
After one month I was finally given my own project. I wasn’t completely on my own as I had help from a coworker. The codebase used special files to package together the OS for the cisco’s routers and switches. However, these files are extremely old and haven’t been cleaned up in a long time. So my task was to program a tool that could maintain those files automatically. The tool would have to be able parse and load all the information from the files as well as analyze and optimize the packaging. The program is far from completion but has come a long way. My coworker is taking over my work for me since I will be leaving in less than a month. Meanwhile I’ve been assigned to improve the already existing OS packaging tool. So far I’ve added syntax to specify and create empty directories on the OS.
For the most part I’ve been allowed to work on my own. I don’t have an explicit supervision or mentoring to guide me. I’m on my own for most of my work, however, if I ever need to I can go speak to any of my coworkers for advice. My coworkers all very helpful and try to provide help wherever they can. I appreciate that they aren’t breathing down my neck and watching my every move. They treated me well and allowed me work with them as though I was their peer. Furthermore, Cisco pr...

... middle of paper ... about how professional software development worked. I was constantly thrown off by how complicated it is to set up an environment; managing several builds; and how slow and tedious testing can be. I spent the majority of the time learning about how to use their tools. In the end though I did figure out (with help from my coworkers) how to develop software professionally.
A few of my coworkers had degrees in electrical engineering. I found this incredibly surprising. A lot of them learnt programming on their own with a few classes here and there. Originally I was planning on taking a minor in computer science so I could improve my programming skills, but after this internship, I feel like I don’t have to. I can just learn most of the material on my own.
Overall this has been an extremely satisfying internship. However, next time I’ll choose to live closer to work.

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