Essay about Designing Graphic Design At Your University

Essay about Designing Graphic Design At Your University

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I am interested in studying Graphic Design at your university, because I am keen to develop my creative skills and am interested in the variety of different units you offer. I hope to acquire new skills working with a range of software programmes and wish to enhance my existing skills in programmes such as Photoshop.
In Macmillan I carried out work experience as a school librarian, where I resolved queries, issued books using a database and stacked books on shelves. I also gained IT experience in Hamilton Jackson LTD; which is a local, small IT company in Middlesbrough. I designed flyers, logos and a banner. The tasks that were given to me challenged my creativity. For two of the projects (making advertising leaflets for a car/phone company), I designed the leaflets from scratch and had to think of original ideas.
I have also worked as a sales assistant in a Cash and Carry, where my main job was to stock shelves and to assist customers with their shopping. From this I was able to talk to customers and determine what they looked for in their product and how they shopped. I found this ...

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