Essay on Designing an ESP Course for Metallurgists

Essay on Designing an ESP Course for Metallurgists

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Selection and organization of content and learning experience
In the process of designing a course one of the inevitable steps is to decide on the content and the way of its organization. It includes deciding on a course structure, selecting a teaching strategy which will support learning goals and creating a schedule.
The course structure consists of two main elements: the choice concerning the topics and the way of the organization and sequencing of content of the course. It is important to choose and organize the topics in such a way so that it will be aimed at supporting the learning objectives of the course.
According to Woolvard and Anderson the majority of the teachers spend too much time helping students to master course content while they neglect the process of learning directed at using this content in a definite way. Focusing on too many topics can be considered as an obstacle in the way of student learning by displacing opportunities for students to put the skills and knowledge they gain into practice. The defining of a reasonable boundary for the course, that includes essential content giving students opportunities to be engaged in the content and to make learner process deeper, is a significant point in designing a course. [30; p.15]
To make a set of topics reasonable it is recommended by Davis to make up a list of all the content spheres that could be covered within the course and be relevant to the course subject and then by means of careful examination to differentiate the topics which are the most important among the list. [31; p.5] After the topics have been chosen it is possible to start developing a course based on these essential topics, adding a necessary set of materials such as books, articles, films,...

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