Essay Designing A World Without Graphic Design

Essay Designing A World Without Graphic Design

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Imagine a world without graphic design how life would be affected. First, people would die. Safety diagrams and warning signs would not exist, leading to thousands of needless beverage spills and accidental electrocutions. Second, information would suffer with your ability to read books, magazines and newspapers would be gone, as you try to focus your eyes on body text that isn’t properly typeset or laid out, lacks any kind of meaningful explanatory diagrams or photographs, and has no discernable structure throughout the publication. Third, life would be uglier. Countries would have no flags, companies would have no logos, and Olympic athletes would have blank uniforms, leading to massive confusion, a worldwide drop in morale and patriotism, and a very colorless, unimaginative planet. Graphic design is an exciting, creative, professional field where you can put your passion for art to daily use.
Depending on the demand for the work, you may have times where work is hard to come by. Companies and industries go through ups and downs, as do the demand for different design services. This means that you have to be creative and flexible to be able to balance your finances at the end of each month.
You get to work from home and you have the option to be flexible. If you’re very business minded and have some business or marketing savvy, this will help in the long run. The roles commonly found within a graphic designer position are pre-pressing files for print. Whether a company is sending content to be printed out or they handle the print process internally, designers need to make sure their artwork, designs, layouts, or whatever content they are tasked with is print-ready. Often this may be a designer’s main duty, depending on their ra...

... middle of paper ... provide students with the opportunity to build a professional portfolio of their designs. For many people in the design industry, developing a portfolio –a collection of design ideas that demonstrates their styles and abilities– is essential because employers rely heavily on a designer’s portfolio in deciding whether to hire the individual. Graphic designers often gain their initial experience through internships (other experience).

Fig. 1. Taute, Michelle. "Survey Says: Graphic Design Salary Up." HOW Design. n.p., 18 July 2014. Web. 12 Feb. 2016.
While every designer has his or her own gripes when it comes to their profession, at the end of a stressful day you can sit back and honestly say you love what you do – creating, thinking, problem solving… making the world a better looking place! Therefore, there are more pros to being a graphic designer than cons.

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