Designing A Work Of Art Directly Influenced By Silk Garment And Fabric Dyeing

Designing A Work Of Art Directly Influenced By Silk Garment And Fabric Dyeing

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Marisela Esteves creates a work of art directly influenced by silk garment and fabric dyeing. Her, Hollywood Home painting, essentially promotes the use of fiber, textiles, and color theory. Displayed at the top of the silk garment is a vibrant, bright color which represents saturation, it displays a background that is meant to stand out and create a dimension that is pulsing with energy and enthusiasm. The rusted, chipped, latte tan house that is centered in the middle of the silk fabric has distinguish features which embody the representational work. Starting, with the alloy orange angular tilted roof, that appear distorted, but is really an allusion of deception of depth is centered at the top of the house. Then, there is the latte tan house which looks like it hasn’t been painted in years. Marisela Esteves gives the house the imagery of chipped paint and multiple cracks to give the house that lifelike feeling. Next, is the two geometric windows that is symmetric and parallel to each other. The two geometric windows are painted inside with a dimmed bold yellow color which symbolize shading like brightness from a light. To add in, two focal points that stands out in Marisela Esteves painting is the unusual design of the flat tone rectangular door that is symmetric to the miniature rectangular window crafted inside the door. Also, the door which is painted a leafy green color and position on the far right side of the house is surrounded by a two sided fence and a two-step pathway is connected all the way downwards to the sidewalk. The next focal point to stand out is the naturalistic view of the vegetation, especially the bold dark green weeds that are blooming from the left side of the house which contrast to the earthy green gr...

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...nic environment.

Marisela Esteves’s work is very unique and ordinary. Her art gives you the value of color and dimension. Esteves use different prospect to create her image of her style of house she imagines. However, this painting make me feel as if I can interpret her viewpoint with my own perspective and have that owe it’s not just a house feeling. But, what I value most about this piece is that Esteves painting is just not a house, she paints an unusual house that has very rare distinguish features that if you don’t analyze it properly you would miss some of the astonishing details she tries to incorporate. Also, I like that this painting because of the tulips, the arrangement of the tulips appears to be very distinctive. All in all, what I learn is how to print and dye on silk, and how when you put all form of art together it becomes this beautiful masterpiece.

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