Essay on Designing A Website For Consumers

Essay on Designing A Website For Consumers

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One would think in this day in age, the designs created for the websites seen on the internet would bring in the largest number of customers as possible. However, upon searching the internet, the results concluded to prove otherwise. There are hundreds of websites that either use incorrect font size, use outdated servers, causing the web page to load slowly, or either has too much or too little “eye candy” to draw in consumers. This case study will start by first focusing on a website I found that is an example of some of these traits.
Poorly Designed Website
The website I found that needs work to appeal to consumers is a website for vacation rentals called There are so numerous items wrong with this web page, it is difficult to decide where to start. Firstly, this web page is overly utilizing different font sizes and colors of fonts. Smith (n.d.) listed common mistakes with font from small and crowded text, to color contrast and colored text that isn’t a link (Website text, para. 2). These mistakes in text are on this web page. The owner of the web page could employ minor adjustments to fix this. For starters, the web page needs to stick to one, possibly two font sizes. Next, would be to stick with one color for the font, particularly black. One final correction would be to have any link be in a navigation bar instead of being an alternate color or having it underlined.
Moreover, another mistake of this web page is in the navigation of the web page. Smith (n.d.) lists two examples that are on this web page which are the lack of a search bar and a broken link (Bad website navigation, para. 2.). The e-mail link for e-mailing the admin of the website continues to load without any progress. The admin i...

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...ot notice this as one of the issues it is having. When opening the web page, it opens relatively quickly with no delay. The only delay that was noticeable was trying to open the e-mail to the admin link. The link never opened, but this could be due to a broken link and not to a web server issue. As stated before, the admin should look at this link and insure the address for this link is correct for the rest of the web page seems to function without issue.
In conclusion, there are ways the web page could improve their website. With the use of font, to images, to improving navigation the website could improve. It all boils down to the admin taking the time and putting in the effort to employ these corrections. They could take examples like Adidas’ web page to visualize how some simple fixes can aid in drawing in and retaining consumers.

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