Designing A Successful Web Developer Essay

Designing A Successful Web Developer Essay

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The first time I attended college I studied business and took all my electives in computer classes. I found both areas of study fascinating, but chose to pursue business. I worked my way through school by painting heavy equipment: semis, trailers, large cranes and tugboats; that led me to start a painting business. After a couple of years, my largest customer made me an offer I could not refuse, Operations Manager for their Marine Division. I enjoyed that position for many years until the company founder passed and the family decided to break apart the business and sell its’ assets. Reentering the job market, I realized how drastically the architectural design of the work force had changed due to social factors, globalization and political influences. This along with the realization that age will eventually bring physical limitations has brought me back to school.
Now that I have decided to return to school, it only makes sense to pursue my other passion, computers. I knew that in order to be a successful web developer, I would need to have a good foundation and overall knowledge of computer technology, development, administration, management, and tools as a whole, not just a part. That is why I chose the Associate in Applied Science, Web Technologies Degree. If you look at “Web Technology “on, you see it is comprised of four subcategories: analytics, services, software and uniform resource locator. The ForsythTech curriculum description for Web Technologies reads:
Course work in this program covers the terminology and use of computers, network devices, networks, servers, databases, applications, programming languages as well as web applications, site development and design. (WebTechnologies)
I felt that Web Devel...

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...hether or not a Bachelor’s degree is a requirement for this field. CNN Money stated in an article:
As of 2010, about 38% of web developers had less than a four-year college degree, according to Census data. Instead, many workers in this field are self-trained. (Kurtz)
My current plan is not to pursue a four-year degree; although, I plan to finish my Associate’s degree with high honors and will continue to take classes as technology changes. My husband has been working on a contractual basis in this field for several years and is studying web technologies at ForsythTech. Our plan is to start a Web Development business together when we graduate. The BLS statistics show that 22.5% of Web Developers were self-employed in 2012. (Bureau of Labor Statistics) If you plan to have a career in technology, education should be a lifelong process.

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