Essay on Designing A Successful Print From The Computer Screen

Essay on Designing A Successful Print From The Computer Screen

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Customers choose to make prints from either phones, flash drives or an actual print. Some of these prints go back in centuries and are very precious to these customers. It is our responsibility to help them preserve their memories so that they can pass them on to generations to come.

Below are some of the steps to follow while making a successful print from:


1. You will need to download the kiosk Kodak application on your phone.
2. You need to select the making prints option on the computer screen
3. Choose if you would like to make prints in seconds or in minutes
4. Choose whether you would like to have borders or no borders on your print
Sometimes when you choose no border on your 5 by 7 prints, the print still appears with a border. You can ask any store employee to trim the edges for you.
5. Agree to terms and condition of use
6. Choose the appropriate phone that you will be using to make the print with.
There are 2 options. One of the options is android and examples are Samsung, Sony Ericson, Motorola, nexus among others. The other option is apple smart phone and an example is any iPhone.
7. Scan the barcode to connect to the Wi-Fi or enter the name of the Wi-Fi and the password.
This option only applies to android phones. For users of the iPhone, you need to go to settings on your phone, then turn on the Wi-Fi and choose the appropriate name e.g. connect to 3600 Kodak kiosk and type in the password since there is no option to scan the barcode.

8. You will need to locate the source of your prints by going to the gallery on the phone
9. Choose whether you would like to select print from your phone or display them on the computer screen.

If you want a little bit of privacy, select all the images you would l...

... middle of paper ... followed.

1. Take id photo using the store camera
2. Remove the memory card from the camera and insert it on the portal
3. Go to make id photos and browse through the photos to select the right one.
4. Crop the picture to make sure that it is a 2 by 2. If there is a message saying unable to compose the picture, that means the camera lens were too close to the customer or too far away, therefore the photo needs to be retaken.
5. After cropping the picture, fill the empty holes so that two prints can be made successfully
6. Add the items to the cart
7. Proceed to checkout and wait for the pictures to print
8. Once the passports are done printing, trim the edges using the photo cutter to ensure that the photos meet the right requirements.
9. Place the passport prints in the envelopes and proceed to the cash registers to make payment.

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