Essay on Designing A Sub On The Theme Social Subs

Essay on Designing A Sub On The Theme Social Subs

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Over the last few weeks my group and I have been designing a Sub on the theme social subs. Then we presented our sub to the class to explain why we chose it and how we were planning on selling it.

For our six-inch sub we decided to have mixture of meat and salad so that it is just right for the people who buy it. Our ingredients consisted of: Hearty Italian bread, Chicken, Lettuce, BBQ Sauce, jalapenos, and Cucumber. Our sub has less than 3 grams of fat, not only this it has less than 350 calories meaning that it qualifies for Subways low fat range. This means that customers will not feel as though they are being as unhealthy and this may encourage them to buy our sub specifically.
As a group we decided that we would be promoting by posters, leaflet and radio adverts. We worked out exactly how much it would cost us to do all of this. All together our promotion will cost around £6000 across three different types of advertisments.
-Gloss Litho paper for our posters because this is the best quality that we could get within our budget. We could put these up in nig...

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