Designing A Program For A 27 Year Old Female Essay example

Designing A Program For A 27 Year Old Female Essay example

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I am designing a program for a 27 year old female. She is 5ft. 3in. tall, and her current weight is 140lbs. She is regularly active, but is hoping to improve her agility and endurance. However, her main focus is to lose body fat. Her PAR-Q shows that she is ready to partake in a physical training program ((NASM), 2013). Her current activities include exercising, walking her dog, and hiking. She is a student and a homemaker, so she spends a good amount of time sitting and standing.
Assessment Summary
The client performed the overhead squat test, and the single-leg squat test. The client’s feet turned outward, and her arms fell forward slightly. She also had a little bit of a forward lean. During the single-leg squat test, she had a slight inward movement at her knees. Both tests showed that she has tight muscles in the lateral part of her legs. These tight muscle include: the soleus, lateral gastrocnemius, the adductor complex, tensor fascia latae, vastus lateralis, and the short head of the biceps femoris ((NASM), 2013). She also has weak muscles on the medial part of her legs. These underactive muscles include: Her medial gastrocnemius, medial hamstring complex, gracilis, sartorius, popliteus muscles, the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and vastus medialus oblique ((NASM), 2013). As for the client’s upper body, the assessments presented that she had a tight hip flexor and abdominal complex, as well as a tight latissimus dorsi, teres major, and pectoral muscles ((NASM), 2013). She also showed to have a weak muscles in her mid and lower trapezius, rhomboids, rotator cuff, and erector spinae ((NASM), 2013).
Phase 2
For my client, I believe phase 1 & 2 are appropriate for her current fitness goals. Phase 1 will improv...

... middle of paper ...

...will be important. The addition of the BOSU ball will help engage her core muscles to help stabilize her body.
Phase 2 strength endurance, is an appropriate phase for my client’s goals. She wants to lose body fat as well as improve her endurance. The training program I have designed will allow her to improve upon her muscular strength and endurance. Phase 1 focused on improving her muscular imbalances and increasing her stabilization. In phase 2, training will focus on improving strength. The tempo in this phase will be increased to allow for more calories to be burned. A superset system will also aid in increasing her metabolic demand. Both the supersets and increased tempo will help her towards her fat loss goal. A circuit training system will also be beneficial for this client. The exercises provided can be performed in a circuit style training system.

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