Designing A Plan For The Goal Essay

Designing A Plan For The Goal Essay

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When it comes to any type of organization, each organization in order for them to come together and achieve any type of company organization goals it is super important that planning to achieve that goal for the success of the business to takes place. If communicating and coming together to create a plan for the goal doesn’t happen it can be very difficult for the organization to get to where they would like to be. The reason why plans are put into play is for come together and develop as a team a purpose for the goal and directions to head in order to make the goal. One thing that I have acknowledged is that there are normally a good amount of stages that are needed to be worked on based on the company’s plans in order for a result to appear, and within each stage of planning and preparation each one tends to focus on each area and how to go about connecting each plan to create a clear understand on the overall goal. In order to achieve a goal it’s important to know the main mission as well as the vision. In this paper, we will be discussing about a very well-known organization named Retro Fitness and their company’s overall focuses as well as different goals and specific training that is involved that go hand in hand with the way this company focuses on their business overall success.

Retro Fitness over the years that they have been in service, their overall focus back then as well as to now is to continue to maintain as well as continue to increase their business and continue to expand as much as possible. Their focus also revolves around letting people know in their communities about good health and how to go about feeling better about yourself by making more of a healthier lifestyle that revolves around exercising. Retro F...

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...hen entering the facility. They also need to understand and acknowledge how important it is to present great customer service and different other case scenarios that tend to happen and more training will provide them with the answers on how to react and respond on different situations that not only revolve around customer service. At the end of the day there always has to be a budget created to plan these tanning sessions, therefore sometimes training can end up becoming inadequate which of course can become an disadvantage for the employees of the company that can deal with not the type of customer services that they will to have right off the bat. When prioritizing in training of course there are still gathering that are needed to be able to continue with the business goals and to continue to maintain business stability and overall business success at the end.

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