Designing a Phone Case for Radiohead Based on Their Band Identity Essay

Designing a Phone Case for Radiohead Based on Their Band Identity Essay

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If I ever had to design anything for a band, it would definitely be for Radiohead. The melody and lyrics produced throughout their career is outstanding. They always manage to keep up with the expectations of their fans. Possibly true that after I heard this band perform live, my affection and appreciation towards them increased.

Radiohead is an English band formed in 1985, Oxford, England. Radiohead is exceptionally recognized as one of the most important bands of today. It is considered to be an alternative rock band, however they are also classified as Electronic, Indie and Experimental. The band is composed of Thom Yorke, who is the lead vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and pianist, thus the prime mover of the band. He is widely known for his falsetto singing style. Johnny Greenwood is the keyboardist while his brother Colin Greenwood is the bass guitarist of the band. Besides Ed O’Brien, the guitarist and Philip Sethway, best known as the drummer of the band.

Radiohead released their first debut single in 1992. Nevertheless their big break came about September 1993, when Creep entered the Billboard charts of Modern Rock and placed second. The second album, ‘The Bends’, released in 1995 increased their popularity. The album ‘OK Computer’ released in 1997 gave them global fame and is recognized as one of the 90’s most noteworthy albums. With the turn of the century, they released ‘Kid A’ (2000) and ‘Amnesiac’ (2001). The experimental sounds in Kid A are available in Amnesiac, since most of the tracks were produced at the same time as Kid A. These albums exposed a change in Radiohead’s music style, absorbing jazz and experimental electronic genres. In their sixth album, ‘Hail to the thief’, they merged the different music s...

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...and freedom of thought. These drawing could than be sent to the band as a visual representation of their song. Only half of the branches would be coloured in, as for the user to create his interpretation with the others. Radiohead’s logo, the famous bear with grins like a Cheshire cat hasn’t been featured in any of their albums. It would be significant to be featured somewhere in the design of the iPhone case.

After I finished my digital proposal design, I instantly wanted to create the concept, to get a better idea if the proposal would work or not.

All in all, I think that the material used, and the way I approached the illustration, supports and extends the brand identity captured in the album selected. More concepts, using the same material obviously came about, for instance creating stencils of the doodles created and the user would design their own patterns.

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