Designing A New Innovation For The Apple Industry Essay

Designing A New Innovation For The Apple Industry Essay

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Our product will be an extension to the apple industry; it 's a new innovation that will provide a faster way to transfer the magical moments to your social network and phone. This product will retain more photos than any other camera. There is no need for editing because the camera will have a high resolution which will immediately resolute the picture, and if the high resolution isn’t enough for you, then the camera will automatically have editing features. Many are selective in the color of their devices therefore there will be a selection of colors to choose from, aluminum, black, space gray, silver, gold, and rose. The camera will be screen touch and the most interesting is that it will be waterproof and unbreakable. Photos taken from the camera will automatically transfer the photos you select to send to your social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube. Not only that, but it will also allow to be send to any devices such as you iphone, mac, ipad, ipod; the camera will also be compatible with other brands such as samsung and LG.
iCamara will be designed in California, in the heart of Simi Valley, and will be produce around the globe but with more production made in the U.S. The apple products have been manufactured in Mongolia, Taiwan, China, and Korea, its time to bring the apple products to be manufactured in the U.S. Bringing the products in the U.S. will allow to create more jobs and boost the economy. iCamera being manufactured in the U.S. will bring better benefit for the clients since its price will reduce. The product will be tested, and we will make sure the quality is excellent and making sure it’s up to the standard by testing the device several times. Because Apple Inc. is known for...

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...l produce. The brand’s preference has blown profits. Apple in the other hand will gain substantial profit and revenue that will retain customers from any other product, customers will be greatly satisfied therefore there will be a demand for new product innovations like iCam.
iCam will be an extension to the branding and product strategy which will focus on the emotions and bringing upgraded lifestyle, innovation, passion, and imagination and the most intriguing is power to the people through technology. iCam’ s main motivation is to remove the complexity and bring simplicity in people’s lives. The touch points and the reinforcement of the iCam personality will be a great boost to the Apple industry. Our main goal for this extension is to sustain the products promise that is to bring the best quality for a low price and bring a unique and best experience.

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