Essay about Designing A Neighborhood Watch Program

Essay about Designing A Neighborhood Watch Program

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Since the string of recent burglaries and crime in our neighborhood, Chief Gary Swindle has asked me to come up with a plan to create a Neighborhood Watch Program. This is a formal layout of how I plan to go about organizing a day and night watch, how I plan on selecting and screening our volunteers, what training will be required for those who choose to participate, and how I plan on maintaining interest and continued participation.
First, we would need to establish a committee and a go-to person. The liaison will be the main person dealing with scheduling meetings, talking with police to get the crime data rates and making flyers to encourage participation from the whole neighborhood. We will gather phone numbers from those in the neighborhood so that we can contact one another to keep each other in the loop of what is going on or let them know if you suspect activity around their home. Open communication is the key for this to be a successful watch program. We will have to come up with short term and long term goals of our watch group. We will come up with strategies in order to...

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