Designing A Model For Diversity Training Essay examples

Designing A Model For Diversity Training Essay examples

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Lesson Design #1
First Principles of Instruction

What is the subject matter?

I am interested in designing a model for diversity training.

What (specifically) do you expect to benefit from redesigning this instruction (other than better-designed instruction)?

To design a module that would allow faculty and staff to use at MSU and to get credit for using the module. It would also allow all faculty and staff to have a better understanding of diversity and inclusion.

• A clear description of the content (be specific)

I would like to design a training model for diversity training. Diversity training is something that is needed on a college campus. It should be a part of personal development which would allow faculty and staff to become better engaged with those who are different than themselves. Higher education is lacking in educating faculty and staff about diversity issues and concerns. In order for it to be effective, the components of the training should include the following:

Definitions of diversity and inclusion
Describe diversity strategies
Allow users to practice what they have learn
Explain what they have learned
Demonstration what they have learned

A clear, detailed description of how the content is currently taught:

There are multiple ways to do diversity training. Diversity training can be done face-to-face where you have participants and a facilitator. There can be an online module(s) where participants can interact via webinars and view videos and/or slides. Diversity can also be taught by having participants to reflex on articles they may have read or a self-reflection. A part of the online module(s) would allow for participants to engage with the training via questions and answers...

... middle of paper ...

...ted to diversity and inclusion. Their peers will be able to critique them.
 Participants will be the creator of new knowledge related to diversity and inclusion.
 Participants will demonstrate what they have learned.

Strengths and weakness of using the theory or model for this content


• Very straight forward
• Allows participants to demonstrate, recall, reflex, and share what they have learned
• Allows participants to be coached and allowed to receive feedback in a timely manner
• Allows training to be effective
• Allows training to be interactive


• With task-centered principles there may be some tasks that are missed that needed to be included in instructions

Lessons learned from this assignment

Very structured approach and it allows you to lay out step by step what you should want your training model to do.

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