Designing A Discursive Piece Of Writing Essay

Designing A Discursive Piece Of Writing Essay

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This assignment will focus on some of the strategies that were used during my placement in a year six class to support the children to write a discursive piece of writing. The strategies that this assignment will focus on are: Modelling during shared writing, a speaking and listening debate and the use of role play to support writing.

During shared writing, the children are able to share their ideas to create an alternative text to the text they had learnt previously, see appendix 1. The principle of shared writing is one of whole class teaching in which the teacher scaffolds the children’s learning by modelling writing skills and strategies, freeing the children from the aspects of writing so that they can focus exclusively on the thinking that is involved in writing. Scaffolding is the process which enables pupils to solve a problem or task which they would be unable to without assistance (Rudd, 2013). Grigg (2015) suggests that children 's writing standards improve when teachers serve as good role models. The shared writing process was an effective strategy that enabled me to make the writing process concrete and visible to the students allowing a greater understanding. During the shared write I was able to model handwriting and recite the created text regularly, checking for errors and allowing the children to listen to the way the text sounds. Although the focus is on writing during this activity, the process also reinforces and supports reading, spelling, punctuation, grammar and encourages children to check their work regularly (, 2016). It was quite clear that the shared writing strategy supported the children’s learning considerably when the children became enthusiastic and this was also reflected in th...

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...nt to speak out in the shared write activity became very confident in the role play activity. Baldwin, (2009) suggests that using role play allows pupils, regardless of ability, to work on a level playing field and that these role play activities will support the less confident children to become more confident and to ‘have a go’, this was clearly the case in this lesson. This strategy is also supported by Vygotsky who links the importance of drama to education and states that symbolic and dramatic play has an impact of language development (O 'Toole, Stinson and Moore, 2009).

In conclusion, the lessons that I taught during my placement have made me look at literacy lessons in a different way. It is clear that although speaking and listening activities and drama are not very often used in schools they are extremely effective methods to support children’s learning.

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