Designing A Design Bid Build Method Essay

Designing A Design Bid Build Method Essay

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The given scenario explains that the client is an owner of many supermarkets, so it is understood that he has some experience in this field of construction work. Also he might have the idea about the approximate budget rate of the work. Since the building has a specific design requirement and the client has a design team we don’t need to search for another company to design and build the work. The super market is working 7days a week 14 hours a day, for not disturbing the trading; contractor may have to work night times. More over the death line for the work is given by the client as 1st December. Moreover, client has specified that budget control is important, allowing some fluctuations according to the complicity of the project.
Considering design bid build method, it gives the budget at the early stage and the variations in the work can be accurately valued. We cannot adopt the design bid build method for this construction work because if we choose design bid build method, we will definitely need more time due to the delay in tendering work and bidding, the overall construction process is longer one. So for the client’s objective, our first option of procurement method is not suitable. When we choose the accelerated design bid method, we might get some contractor with lower cost of production and with lower completion time, but we cannot assure the best quality for the product. The contractor may not provide the good quality of work. Therefore we are not considering the accelerated design bid build method of procurement.
If we are adopting the design build method of procurement, the work on the site gets faster because the design team and the contractor are in an integrated team and they work together throughout the project...

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...g work dealings with the contractor. He is the one who responsible for the whole processes in the project work. So the client doesn’t need to be in the site, he can do his own works and have those responsibilities only. Moreover he doesn’t need to worry about the dealings with the contracting, sub-contracting team. Also the client can hire his own design team, and the construction manager will be managing the whole team too. Having a construction manager at risk on the project from the beginning to the end of the work, the project would be in the time frame and in the budget. Furthermore the safety and the quality controls are under the responsibility of the construction manager. So the client is completely free of responsibility of the whole work. Because of these I think the most suitable method for the construction of this work is construction manager at risk.

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