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Designing A Client 's Program Essay examples

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When designing a client’s program, it is very important to have a long-term plan. While day to day workouts are what most people think of when picturing their personal trainer, the real results do not come overnight, or as the result of a single workout, or even after months of workouts. The cumulative effects of months and years of workouts produce the dramatic results. Haff and Triplett summarize periodization as the “theoretical and practical construct that allows for the systematic, seqwntial, and integrative programming of training interventions into mutually dependent period of time in order to induce specific physiological adaptations that underpin performance outcomes” (Haff & Triplett, 2016). Logistically, periodization is the practice of splitting a program into distinct time periods that build on the former periods’ progress. The three parts of a periodized plan are the macrocycle (the entire program, usually a training year), mesocycle (2-6 week periods within the macrocycle), and microcycle (the actual training week within the mesocycle) (Haff & Triplett, 2016). A successful training program allows for management of the adaptive and recovery responses to specific interventions that are delivered in a structured way. The reason a periodized plan is so successful is because it never allows the body to fully adapt to the imposed stresses being placed on it.
Intensity refers to the percentage being lifted of your one repetition maximum (1RM); the higher the percentage, the higher the intensity level. Finding a client’s 1RM should only be attempted with those clients who have an experienced fitness level and no medical conditions. A periodization model typically begins by laying a fitness foundation first. The foundation ...

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...proper anaerobic muscle adaptations. Moreover, these sessions will be thoughts of as power training rather than cardio respiratory conditioning exercises, so the rest times between exercises are between 2-3 minutes (Haff & Triplett, 2016). In addition to ploymetrics, sport demand exercises will be performed at each training session in order to specialize this program toward the football team. Using the needs analysis, most exercises will target grip, core, and arm strength since those are the main requirements for a football athlete.
Periodization enhances the interest of progressive learning amongst individuals as it does not overload them. Failing to utilize any form of periodization for your training could lead to overtraining, failure to recover appropriately for progression, and the inability to see the progress you deserve from the time you put into training.

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