Essay on Designing A Book Out Of All My Assignments This Past Semester

Essay on Designing A Book Out Of All My Assignments This Past Semester

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If I was to create a book out of all my assignments this past semester, I would organize them by the date I completed them and put them together by section. For example, CR’s would go with CR’s in date order, in class assignments following that order, and my essays in that order. This way would be the easiest because of how my organization skills are in general.
I would start my book I am creating by putting my CR’s all together in which we did them. I would also put these as my first part of the book. Why? Because I got decent grades on majority of the CR’s I did this past semester. Also, I feel like they should be first because there are more CR’s than any other assignment given this semester—well to me. Next I would put in our in-class work, of course by date. I would add these in the middle to separate the CR’s from the essays we did because which ones might confuse my readers are which in the end. Also, because the in-class assignments would add some happiness in the middle, because some of them were interesting and fun to talk about. Then I would add the essays and all the paperwork that went with them. By separating them, I would put my final essay at the end of the grouping.
I would also group my papers this way, because my CR’s have better grades on them than my essays. My good grades would make the reader think that this book is going to be all good and happy going, until the end when they realized they have been fooled, then they will look at my final copies of my essay—after I revised them—and realize that maybe this book had hope along. Which is another reason I would squeeze the in-class assignments in the middle because they were fun and interesting. plus, they are not graded so the reader can think what they wa...

... middle of paper ...

...troduction of the paper. My least valuable would have to be the in-class assignments. Honestly, they were all interesting and fun. Especially the one when we had to get rid of someone based on which emotion we had—ethos, pathos, or logos. Also, the one over that song “Blue Sunny Day” was interesting to do because the song was about something completely absurd and it did not seem that way when one would listen to the song.
To conclude this paper, I would create my book organized by date and what we covered. I do this because it would be easier for myself and whomever reads the book of my assignment I have created. I organize my papers this way in all my classes that I have a binder for. It makes it easier to find whatever I need; some people might group them by date leading up to their essays. For me, my brain does not function on that type of method of organization.

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