Essay on Designer Babies : New Technology

Essay on Designer Babies : New Technology

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As the years continue to pass by, technology itself and its different uses advance as well. The new technology that continues being debated is “designer babies.” This type of technology involves scientists and several modifications in order for one to “ensure specific intellectual and cosmetic characteristics” in a person 's child (“Designer Babies”). When using this technology scientist will be capable of “manipulating the [entire] human genome”, affecting the appearance of future offsprings” (“Manipulating the Human Genome”). Studies show that 50% of these modifications work, leaving the other 50% as experimental results. Several risks come with this new technology, which is why ““72% [of Americans] disapprove of the procedure” (Designer Babies). The parents should not utilize this new technology and acknowledge the damage and risks that “designer babies” will create in society as scientists and clinics continue to abuse it, in order to manage future generations.
To begin with, while new technology allows scientist to clone certain genes, children continue to become essential commodities. Giving people the freedom to use this technology, only allows them to become superior above the child they design, making them seem like any other object. Children “are their own person,” and having other people design and “put expectations on them” should not be allowed (“Gift not Commodity?”). Allowing the use of this atrocious process, disrespects children and treats them as something less than an object. Parents should not be allowed to design their embryo because the child is not their personal property. Children later through their life may suffer from this, all because his or her parents wanted a child with blue eyes. Allowing parents ...

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...e and overwhelm women to the point they are seen nothing less than an object. High expectations set for certain genders would be another outcome. Males will be expected to enjoy certain sports and dress a certain way, while females expectations will go up working just at home. Not only do these effects affect the parent, but the children 's as well. The decision is made by the parent, but in the future the one who ends up living with the effects is the child. If the process works incorrectly and causes a certain disease that the child may have to live with their whole live, leave the parents with only regrets to remember. The worst case scenario with this technology involves death as one of the outcomes. Parents should acknowledge the several risks they take by utilizing this technology in order to make the best decision, which is to stop using it and inform others.

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