Design Problematization: The Role of Individual Preferences and Beliefs in the Design Process

Design Problematization: The Role of Individual Preferences and Beliefs in the Design Process

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DESIGN PROBLEMATIZATION: the role of the individual preferences and beliefs in the design process
Several factors are to be taken into consideration in designing a structure. Among other things, the problem solving of the given “initial” problem, the usage of the structure and the aesthetic outcome of the design are given the most importance when designing. What are usually placed at the bottom of the priority in designing are those that deal with the qualitative qualities in designing. These left out qualities ranges from the intellectual to the emotional. This goes the same for the decision-making process, more often than not, what is given more focus by both architecture professionals and students is the process in answering or giving solution to the design problem and the actualization of the design concept.
In a given scenario of a design competition consisting of different individuals given with the same problem, the design schemes that would result would vary between the firms. Although they were given the same problem, each gave their own individualized scheme. The question now is how their beliefs, inclination and assumptions affected their design schematics. What role did it played when it came to the problem solving?
In Stevie Harfield’s paper on “design problematization”, He claimed that in a similar scenario as the one mentioned above, there is a different solution to different problems, instead of the widespread idea of having different solutions to the same problem. By this he meant that the initial given problem is not the actual problem, rather it is a prerequisite in order to obtain the “proto-solution” which in turn is the requirement for the design problem. For example, in designing a three bedroom house un...

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...f the environment (PRICE, Travis and DAVIS, Wade, 2006).
The designing process is a structured, methodical and creative process; it is the process where the designer creates a completely different and innovative idea. Thus it is necessary for the design to be individualized and personalized. By imposing their own view on the problem at hand, architects are able to set their own design goal and thus they are able define the appropriate design approach to solve the problem.

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