The Design Of The Foam Roller Essay

The Design Of The Foam Roller Essay

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There are currently no patents consisting of the complexity that our product will have. There are patents for individual components of our product such as the foam roller (US 20110152035 A1), the yoga mat (US 6640359 B1), and the elastic bands. However, our anterior/posterior myofascial release system is unique with no other patents out there with any umbrella coverage broad enough to include our product. Our company will have to look into the licensing for certain aspects of the product as we develop the overall system. With the current product, we plan on patenting the system in which the product is formed around. The system includes a system that is unique to the fitness market. Our all in one system will provide multiple different exercise tools in a system that in and of itself is an exercise tool. We as a company will continue to pursue in getting a provisional patent on our design in the next two months. This provisional patent will allow us to thoroughly analyze the design of our product as well as the individual products involved. With this provisional patent and further examining of our design we will be able to develop a fully functioning prototype sometime between February and April of 2016. By introducing the prototype around this time, it will be a perfect segue into the warmer months of the year. The beginning of spring will be upon us and we will be able to introduce the product to local exercise stores and clubs. The beginning of spring will mean the beginning of new interest in exercising, as well as a new season of exercising for all veterans to the exercise world. As the winter months come to an end the consumer market will begin growing for the exercise businesses. New shoes, socks, and other apparel will be n...

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... All risks and difficulties within this process will arise from the technical design of our product and meeting user requirements. The use of expert opinion will be crucial in determining how to properly identify the role of each part of the Roll-in-One™ system. There also may propriety issues as the plan is to incorporate products currently on the market in conjunction with our personal innovation. Though, there are currently no other patents prohibiting us from our new device and packaging designs.
13.4 Projected Costs
Developmentally, the Roll-in-OneTM will provide little overhead and design costs. In terms of a prototype, the invested one-thousand dollars will be sufficient to acquire materials and labor. The goal shall be to obtain multiple prototypes with this current investment to allow for assurance in the efficacy of the product.

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