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The Design Of The Course Essay

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The Design of the Course

It is imperative that high school students develop the composition skills needed to be successful their freshman year of college. With the Ohio Department of Education’s decision to implement and promote the College Credit Plus program for middle school and high school students, it is very likely that the high school where I teach will begin teaching composition courses worth college credits to students in-house. By asking qualified teaching professionals to teach College Credit Plus courses as the high school the district will save a tremendous amount of money on college tuition for its students while still meeting the state’s educational requirements
I created this course with the intent of being able to use this information and the assignments in the event that the high school needs a college level-appropriate course. Because the state requires that teaching professionals who teach College Credit Plus courses have their Master’s degrees in the content area, and only a handful of my colleagues have their Master’s degree in English, it is extremely likely that administrators will approach me to teach a college-level composition course at the high school in the near future.
This course will provide my students with the opportunity to experience college-level writing assignments so they are not overwhelmed or dismayed in their English classes the first year of college. Lisa Baglione reports, “The U.S. Department of Education rated 22% of twelfth graders proficient writers and called another 2 % advanced, while the vast majority of students earned basic (51%) or below (26%) rating.” The course will help to close the gap between what high school students can do in their senior English classes and wh...

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...ey complete future in-class activities, especially peer review.
To supplement the play, I will also assign Arthur Miller’s essay “Tragedy and the Common Man.” This essay discusses how everyday men can suffer downfalls just as great as those of kings. This essay will help students better understand the notion of a tragic hero and that not all heroes are entirely good. Miller’s essay will also give students more experience with nonfiction writing, a literary genre that has become the central focus for many Common Core standards. Goodwin and Miller state, “The new Common Core language arts and literacy standards attempt to correct this imbalance by placing more emphasis on reading nonfiction.” When students write their final research papers, they will be able to revisit information from this essay when deciding which characteristics to describe in their writing.

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