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The Design Of The Bridge Essay

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A bridge is a structure ,built by many different materials, to travel over physical objects. For example, bridges were made over bodies of water, roads or intersections, and valleys. The first welded road bridge was designed by Polish engineer Stefan Bryla in 1927.There is an average of about 607,380 bridges throughout the Unites States. There are many different bridges throughout the world and there is also different causes for bridges. There are also many different designs that all have different purposes and apply to different situations. The design of the bridge changes depending on the causes of the bridge.
There are different types of bridges that are in the world including: an arch bridge, a through arch bridge, a beam bridge, a log bridge, a Cavity wall Viaduct, a bowstring arch, a box girder bridge, a cable-stayed bridge, a cantilever bridge, a cantilever cable-stayed bridge, a clapper bridge, a covered bridge, a girder bridge, a continuous span girder bridge, a movable bridge, a pigtail bridge, a plate girder bridge, a pontoon bridge, a roving bridge, a segmental bridge, a self-anchored suspension bridge, a side-spar cable-stayed bridge, a simple suspension bridge, a step stone bridge, a stressed ribbon bridge, a suspension bridge, a transporter bridge, and trestle bridge, a truss arch bridge, and truss bridge, a vierendeel bridge, a brown truss bridge, a zig-zag bridge and last but not least a tubular bridge.
One of the most common bridges is the truss bridge. A truss bridge is a structure of connected elements forming triangular units. The connected elements (typically straight) may be stressed from tension, compression, or sometimes both in response to dynamic loads. Another one of the common bridges is the arch bri...

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... or placed there by fast flowing streams, used for crossing ponds or other watercourses. Stepping stone bridges and log bridges are known to be the oldest types of bridges. One of the last bridges, that is going to be described, is the zig-zag bridge. A zig-zag bridge is a bridge that is made up of short lengths and is set at different angles, most commonly left and right. It is used mostly for ponds and gardens.
There are many other different types of bridges that are used at least two hundred million times each day. Not all bridges should be trusted though because of all the bridges that have collapsed in the past.The pressure that acts upon the bridge affects it because if there is too much pressure on the bridge it could cause it to collapse. There are the different bridge types, what they look like, how they are built, how they work and what they are made out of.

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