Essay on The Design Of International Institutions

Essay on The Design Of International Institutions

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Rationalism can also provide an explanation for the design of international institutions through their causal relationship with coordination problems. Barbara Koremenos, Charles Lipson, and Duncan Snidal created a rationalist model that presented the international institutions design characteristics of membership rules, the scope of issues, centralization of tasks, rules for control, and the flexibility of arrangements as dependent on how cooperation unfolds (Koremenos, Lipson, and Snidal 2003, 3). Specifically, these aforementioned characteristics were described to be dependent on the number and capabilities of its members, nature of the distributional problem, the enforcement problem, and uncertainty (Koremenos, Lipson, and Snidal 2003, 13). As such, institutional design is a reflection of its constituent actors, the power relations amongst these actors, and the difficulties involved with the goal these actors are trying to achieve. For example, membership is designed to be more restrictive within an institution when it is harder to enforce the rules of an institution on its members or when members have uncertain preferences (Koremenos, Lipson, and Snidal 2003, 23-25). According to rationalism, the design and form of an institution is the product of the actors involved and the problem they are trying to solve.
While rationalism can explain the design and form of institutions, it fails to provide an adequate explanation of how these institutions are created. According to Keohane, institutions are created in two main ways. The first is the imposition of institutions by a powerful state and the second is the formation of institutions by voluntary decision-making amongst a group of states. (Keohane 1984, 71) Though the former is e...

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...when the conditions are right.
In conclusion, the rationalist account provides a partial but functional explanation of the design and form of institutions. Rationalism explains that the purpose of institutions is for states to further their own goals in an environment that fosters cooperation rather than discord. As such, institutions are designed according to the problems associated with the characteristics of their constituent actors and the issues the institutions were intended to address. However, rationalism fails to offer a holistic account of how institutions are created if not imposed by a powerful state. Moreover, the focus on materialism and the state limits the rationalist account’s explanatory power. Ultimately, rationalism only provides a partial explanation of international institutions but remains useful in situations that align with its assumptions.

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