The Design Of A Lodging Facility Essay

The Design Of A Lodging Facility Essay

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The design of a lodging facility is an important aspect in differentiating the facility from its competitors while attracting consumers. Most facilities focus on the exterior design and forget about the interior design of the hotel. The exterior design is what is going to draw in consumers into the facility and the interior design is what is going to get the consumer to stay. Interior design is just as important as the exterior design. It is noted in the article, The importance of Interior Design in the Hotel Business that “first impressions are the most lasting” (Hotel, 2016). The Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts does just this, these facilities go above and beyond in order to be recognized as the company that manages the finest hotels, resorts, and residence clubs wherever the facility locates. This is the lodging facility that I chose in whole to discuss in great detail that indicates superior planning and design as well as covering the marketing and operational perspectives based on the fact that they have numerous facilities and each one is different in order to best suite that city, country, or states culture, norms, necessities, etc.
The Four Seasons are among the top luxury hotels worldwide and is one of the world’s leading luxury name. In 2015, Four Seasons owned or managed 99 properties in 41 countries all over the world and each hotel delivers everything a consumer would expect from a true luxury hotel. Guests expect and enjoy beautiful design, tremendous hotel service, phenomenal dining and much more amenities that are offered. There is no unifying style to their architecture and look but they all have something in common and that’s that each hotel is very high-end in furnishings and design. They are intended to blen...

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...l design of the hotel they are not going to feel comfortable and go to another one. The services that Four Seasons provides makes the guest feel welcomed as soon as they drive up to the hotel/resort. Guests can expect great service, quality, and an over the top experience while staying at a Four Seasons hotel. With each hotel being different guests can be excited and eager to go stay at another hotel/resort in a different city or even country simply because it is going to be different than the one they stayed at before but knowing all the beds are the exact same and the most comfortable keeps consumers loyalty. Four Seasons does a tremendous job at designing each facility uniquely and providing services that don’t go unnoticed which is why as a lodging facility they do very very well. Four seasons is a perfect example of a lodging facility that does superior design.

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