Design Elements Are Important For Effective Learning And Transfer Of Training

Design Elements Are Important For Effective Learning And Transfer Of Training

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Design elements are important for effective learning and transfer of training. Noe (2013) explains “…for learning and transfer of training to occur, training programs need to include meaningful material, clear objectives, opportunities for practice and feedback, learner interaction, and a supportive work environment”. Furthermore, Noe (2013) explains there needs to be an effective training program that maximizes learning and transfer of training for the trainee.
Campbell Soup Company has a goal to design a meaningful leadership experience for the participants that will provide them with information related to the many variations of leadership styles. The intended end result provides participants with the time and tools to cultivate their own styles.

Design Elements
“Employees have to be motivated to attend training events, use what they learn on the job, share their knowledge and skills with others, and continue to shape and modify the knowledge and skills…” (Noe, 2013). It is important for program designs to include the three phase design process, (1) pre-training, (2) the learning event and, (3) post-training (Noe, 2013).
Pre-training includes the preparation, motivation, and energizing of participates. The learning event includes preparing the program and learning environment. Post-training includes participants using what they learned or the transfer of training.
Campbell Soup Company’s training plan includes all three elements (1) each participant composes a letter to the CEO that outlines their commitment to the program and program goals, (2) attendance at the learning event, and (3) spaced out learning modules that includes homework such as readings and peer ...

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...ment conducive to trust and the willingness to share knowledge. Campbell Soup encourages this through the peer-coaching aspect of the program. Additionally, Campbell Soup Company’s leadership experience program supports transfer of learning through self-management, executive involvement, and peer-coaching.
Noe (2013) explains “…trainers need to determine whether the learning environment and learning conditions should perfectly match the job environment or if it should emphasize general principles that can be applied to many different work situations.” In the case of Campbell Soup Company their leadership program offers participants general principles that allow them to direct their own development based on their goals and objectives while meeting the organizations expectation of applying what they learned to all aspects of their lives.

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