The Design and Interface of Wearable Devices Essay

The Design and Interface of Wearable Devices Essay

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Consider the following scenario: you would like to cook a breakfast based on a recipe found online while browsing on your mobile device. Similar to following a recipe found in any cookbook, your focus will be shared between the recipe instructions and the execution of the instructions (i.e. retrieving, preparing, and combining ingredients, retrieving cooking tools, etc.). While this is a common experience with learning to cook a new recipe, switching focus between a phone or book can also be very tedious if the recipe has many steps and stages; and there is the potential for increased frustration for a culinary novice. It may be possible to carry the instructions along while executing the steps, but this involves the undesired transfer of ingredients to the mobile devices or book paper, or an attempt to execute steps single handedly. As technology evolves for mobile computing devices, these devices become increasingly integrated into our daily lives; and to some degree, they can now augment an experience in useful and unintrusive ways.

Using the aforementioned scenario as an example, connected wearable devices such as Google Glass (and applications, called “Glassware”) have the potential to augment such experiences, because they can facilitate the presentation of and interaction with hypermedia using voice commands and minimal tactile inputs. In order to design mobile devices and applications that are useful and natural, we must consider the user’s task goals, decisions, and methods of operation. In this paper, I will investigate the design issues associated with wearable devices and speech user interfaces, evaluate the user experience Allthecooks Glassware for Google Glass, and conclude with general guidelines fo...

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