Design And Implementation Of Quality Control Loops Essay

Design And Implementation Of Quality Control Loops Essay

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In this article on Design and implementation of quality control loops, the author identify the need to implement a rapid and flexible response to solve internal and external variabilities in business systems using quality control loops. The authors point out the need to align the process in alignment with the International standard EN ISO 9000:2005. In this process the authors approach is to enforce controlled quality through means of closing the gap in customer demands, defining managerial targets and understanding and maximizing the abilities of the company. Understanding the framework is key to mapping out the process and solving internal and external quality issues.

The article elaborates on using the Aachen quality management model to identify the company strategies, goals and closing the gaps faced by businesses. The Aachen model identifies the prospective of the customer, management, and business to understand quality streams. Those quality streams use proactive and preventative actions which are measured against the organizations reactive and corrective actions; this in turn creates control loops for business systems. The author brings to light that these measures will create continuous improvements leading to better solutions and greater quality.

The article leak detection critical part of airbag quality control process offers insight on the importance of testing airbags at an intense level. The author points out that airbags is a major business worldwide and in the United States alone, suppliers conduct over seven hundred fifty million helium test. As of today using helium is the only way to properly test one of the most valuable safety systems in our vehicles. The writer informs that companies willing to utilize th...

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...g adds is the possible loss of union jobs. With the company scaling back on new investments projects, one union rep points out that “scenarios discussed by the management board, in which the crisis will be used to push forward the long dreamed-of reduction of temporary workers." The financial impact of the scandal alone would have a major impact on the business that could eventually lead to retention of jobs and loss of revenue. The author points out, that while jobs are at risk, the company is reeling to identify replacements for its open managerial positions due to the suspensions. Quality control measures can have a major impact on business and as one management executive stated “With each bit of news that continues to hit the press, motivation and productivity can be impacted,". Quality control can never be disregarded and if so it can have shattering results.

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