Design and Application of E-learning to Enhance Quality and Accessibility to Education

Design and Application of E-learning to Enhance Quality and Accessibility to Education

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Advent of Internet made modern world like a global village, and it has reduced the distances between the learner and teacher. A learner can use e-learning to take education not only for a limited period of time but for the whole life thus e-learning facilitate continuing and life long education.
E-Learning also supports the concept of classrooms without walls where learner and facilitator have the flexibility to make contact with each other, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; this develops Social Networking, Collaboration and Self learning among learner, which helps in effective learning.
Definition of e-learning:
E-learning is a broader concept; it is defined in terms of technologies used for the purpose of teaching and learning. The word E-Learning consists of two words “e” and “learning”, where “e”, stands for the word “electronic” i.e., electronic devices and “learning”, means acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes. Thus E-learning means acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitude through the use of technology, like Internet, mobiles, PDA’s and Computers. Carliner defines online learning as “educational material that is presented on a computer”. In chapter “Designing online learning”, Sharma, S (2009), defines online learning as an “Internet or Intranet-based teaching learning system designed for web based delivery, without face to face contact between teacher and learner”; in this type of teaching learning system knowledge is imparted through synchronous and asynchronous modes through Internet or intranet. According to Badrul L Khan “E-learning represent open, flexible and distributed learning”.
E-learning, though in its nascent stage, has a very high scope, because of rich and interactive co...

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