Descriptive Essay : Rifle Deer Season

Descriptive Essay : Rifle Deer Season

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“Thud thud thud,” it was all I heard when I was peering through my scope. The pleasure hunting gives me always had been immeasurable, any type of hunting, but my personal favorite is rifle deer season.
The very first time I went deer hunting I was 14 years old. Opening weekend, my dad, who is a die hard hunter, was going to take me out with him. We were planning to head up North and hunt on public land in Emily, Minnesota. To make it to Emily and get set up before the sun rose, at exactly 8:06 in the morning, the truck engine was starting at five in the morning and pulling out five minutes later. I was not thrilled about it at all. My dad was nice enough to stop at a gas station and get me a donut and hot chocolate, that made my mouth water when I scarfed them down, for breakfast. I chowed down my donut and drank my hot chocolate and then proceeded to sleep the rest of the way up North.
The weather was despicable. There was already a fine layer of snow on the ground, which is wonderful for hunting, but was not my ideal weather choice. This day was not below freezing though, because throughout the day there was scattered thunderstorms in our area.
Once we got to the public land, we dressed in the rest of our warm clothing on to our bodies. I personally hate the cold, so I put extra layers on but I was still freezing. I gathered all my food, I was planning on consuming out of boredom, into my backpack. I also made sure my iPod and Kindle were all charged up and in my backpack so I could distract myself for a short while. Once everything was packed up and we had all our supplies, we meandered into the woods.
Our never ending journey to our hunting spot was a quiet one. I could smell the fresh fecal matter from the bear trail w...

... middle of paper ...

...n. The adrenaline began to kick in, my heart was racing, and I could not stop shaking. I pulled my scope up and told myself I needed to control my shaking if I wanted to slay my first deer. All I was focusing on was the thud of my heart and the deer. “Bang”, I had squeezed the trigger. I jerked my head hoping I had hit the target. The most breathtaking sight was when my spike took one step and passed out onto the cold white ground now splattered with red. I had nailed him right in the heart. From that moment on I knew my life had changed forever and even if I would not get a deer in the future the adrenaline from my first buck would keep me going throughout the years. Overall, my hunting experiences have been wonderful. Hunting might not be fun when I am bored in the stand, freezing cold, or melting in the heat, but as soon as I view the prize it all becomes worth it.

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