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“Ok, and what do you want from me?” I asked, tightening my grip on my legs. Caleb looked me up and down and a sneaky smile slid across his face and my eyes widened. He let out a little chuckle. “Do I really have to answer that or does my face say it all?” When I didn’t smile he laughed again. “Do you remember what we promised in fifth grade?” he asked suddenly. I looked up at him. I knew exactly what he was talking about because I thought about it the second Sandra mentioned he was coming back to town. “No, why would I remember one thing from that long ago?” I lied. He smiled. “I can tell that you are lying, Aubrey. We promised each other that the next time I saw you that we would hook up and get married.” Caleb whispered but refused to look at me. “Caleb! We were in fifth grade! I have a boyfriend now and I haven’t even graduated yet so I’m not going to get married all the sudden anyway!” I yelled at him, trying to knock some sense into him. “You know you keep talking about this boyfriend of yours but I don’t see any pictures of him anywhere? Isn’t that what you girls do? You take pictures for memories? At least that’s what my girlfriend did in her room.” Caleb mumbled. “Your being ridicules. Just because I’m dating a guy, I have to have him all over my room?” I screamed at him throwing my hands up in the air. Caleb shook his head. “You’re right, I’m sorry. I don’t know where that came from. I still don’t believe you that you have a boyfriend though.” He had a confused look on his face. When I shrugged he let out a breath. I didn’t feel like talking to him and maybe if I didn’t say anything then he would leave. He didn’t say anything for a while and an awkward feeling settled over the room. “So what’s your dad been up to? I he... ... middle of paper ... ...ket and put in speed dial number 7: Shay’s number. “This is Shay.” He mumbled agitatedly into the phone. “Hey Shay, its Aubrey.” I said back. “Oh hey babe what’s going on?” He sounded surprised but there was some anger there. “Well some weird stuff is going down here and I need to talk to you.” I mumbled playing with my hair. “Last time you said that I refused to answer a question and you flipped and somehow we ended up making out in the meadow.” He chucked I blushed, remembering. Oh my god, what’s Shay going to say when he finds out that Caleb kissed me? “Can you come over?” I asked “Um well I’ve got my hands full at the moment but I will probably be done in about an hour if that’s alright?” He asked and I could hear him break into a jog. “See you then.” I said and hung up. I sighed and plopped back down on my bed and drifted into a stressed out dream state.

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