Descriptive Essay : ' Let 's Get Twisted ! '

Descriptive Essay : ' Let 's Get Twisted ! '

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“Let’s get twisted!”
What could be finer for the summer season and vacation time than a trip to one of the best amusement parks in America? From the east coast to the west coast, traveling enthusiasts may just find their own merry mixture ride of pure enjoyment from Cultureify’s top pickof amusement parks!
While the first and foremost draw among amusement park fans is more often than not the notable thrill a minute rides, in all their intensity and height… don’t overlook the beauty of nostalgia!
The simpler, yet updated amusement parks from a bygone era still entice today’s fans yearly. The jaw dropping clickety clack of the wooden roller coasters, quaint concessions, theme parks, and a very family to kid-friendly environment are a safe haven for family oriented entertainment. Fortunately, there are number of ‘old-fashioned and vintage’ amusement parks that still dot the landscape in America, retaining their original appeal while adding a touch of fast paced excitement for today’s fans. These parks have defied the passage of time and economic woes to survive and thrive in the bosom of America. They remain stalwart to serve the nostalgic needs in all of our hearts, hearkening to the more innocent and gentle era of the early 20th century.
There is no video game or on-line social networking entertainment that can compete with the joy that the amusement park has provided for generations!
Recorded as the oldest, continuously operating amusement park in America is Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut. “The Lake” was founded in 1846 as a mere picnic park. Since then, they’ve found the delicate balance of preserving the character of yesterday while meeting the thrill a minute amusement park needs of today’s generation! In 1895, the fi...

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... ride was opened in 1880. The first roller coaster to open there was in the Switchback Railway, in 1892. It’s been said that Cedar Point is ‘the mother of all amusement parks’ pioneering standards for the other amusement parks. Here, you’ll find an unquestionable all time number one rated hot diggity dog experience! So, from the Wicked Twister, to the Disaster Transport, you’re in for an experience of awesomeness like none other.

There are many other parks well worth mentioning in the good ole USA! From the Seabreeze Amusement Park in Rochester, NY opening on August 5, 1879 to Grove Park, the Coney Island of the West right onto Dorney Park in Allentown, PA who traces its history grand old year of 1860, the fun is never-ending!
So stand by, or step right up and let’s give it up to the abandoned hey day of yesterday!

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