Descriptive Essay : ' Hi Dad '

Descriptive Essay : ' Hi Dad '

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"Hi Nathan." "Hi Dad." "Why did you call me?" "I don 't want to come over anymore." "Why not?" "Every time I come over it feels like you just want me to do your yard work or clean the home, pick up the empty beer cans you have around your trailer and that is not what I want." "Stop being a baby and act like the adult you should be at 16!" "I 'm not being the child the way you and your wife treat me over there is childish." click! That was the phone call me and my father had on Christmas of 2013. I was 16 at the time and I had chosen to stop seeing my father that was not in my life for me only for him. I realized that he only appeared in my life due to his family wanting to meet me this is when I saw through his act of love and saw how I was really being treated as a choir boy and a person he took to events. To be honest though some people are just not worth a person 's time.

The thing about me and my life is that from the first memory I can recall clearly I always remember my step dad being there in my life which is why I made the connection that he must be my real dad. Not like I had a reason to not think that other than the blatant favoritism he showed for my brother but I just saw that as normale seeing how the only one that showed me this was my grandfather ray but he isn 't part of the story. With my younger life always feeling a blatant favoritism I thought it must just be something I did so I grew up thinking I was always doing something wrong every time my brother got a gift and I did not. The reason this ties into the story is when I found out that my step father was not my real father I felt a huge relief at first but after about a second of the relief I realized what was said about the unappealing man before me. To be ...

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...the corner I chose to wait till the day before christmas as the day to stop going which was the start of the call you have read already from the beginning and to be honest my life has slowly getting better and better as time goes on.
After learning about all the stuff my father put me and my mother throw with leaving her at my birth and never paying child support and to this day not paying until it lands him in jail time for a day or two. I am glad that my life is this way now yet I do wish I had a form of father figure but its not all bad at least I do have a mother and a family not everyone has that. Even so when I stopped seeing my father at first I lost nearly all of my self confidence of any form or shape and how I saw the world in every way. But with all of the information I do have about my father now, I know that if I have children I will be a better father.

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