Descriptive Essay : Enchanted Forest Water Safari

Descriptive Essay : Enchanted Forest Water Safari

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*I was always very close with my grandfather. Even though he lived in Florida he and my Grandmother would come up to our family camp in Boonville for the summer and my sister, cousin, and I would visit them. They would take us to an prodigious place that was always full of people and had the most thrilling water rides we 'd ever seen! It was Enchanted Forest Water Safari. As kids we loved riding every ride as many times as we could! My Grandfather was about eighty-years-old but he was the most active eighty-year-old man that I had ever met. He went skydiving, gliding, and even got a liberal arts degree at the age of seventy-six. I never substantiated how active he was in my life when I was younger and by the time I graduated high school he had passed away due to bone cancer. So I cherish every memory I have of him and many of my happiest ones were at Water Safari.
*Walking into the park you immediately feel the rush of adrenaline coursing through you as you stand at an opening with winding paths going in different directions. These paths lead to thrilling areas full of people and rides. Choices include a "ski lift" ride that have individual colors and suspend over the park. The ride gives a glimpse of the fun the awaits and also allows new visitors to find certain rides as well as show them the immense size of the park. Also at the front gate is a massive Paul Bunyan statue that welcomes visitors as they come through the entrance, and to the right a path leads to some water rides. While walking towards these water rides there is a huge arcade with a large plethora of games and contests that are great for kids of all ages! It 's a great place to go if you 've been in the sun all day and need some shade. Also, just inside the ent...

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...of The Silverback. This ride is also a tube ride, but this one starts with a drop-off in pitch black darkness, then opens up to an enormous funnel that, with enough practice, riders can go around up to six or seven times!
*My grandfather and grandmother gave me some of my fondest memories by taking us to Water Safari every day while we were at the camp, and those memories stay with us today. The positive atmosphere at Water Safari is the best part though. No matter what you can count on people running around having fun and you usually don 't have to wait too long in lines. I haven 't gone there since a class trip a couple days before high school graduation and I miss every moment of it. I plan on going back next summer and hopefully be able to bring my grandkids there when I get older so they can experience the exhilarating rides and festive atmosphere that I did.

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