Descriptive Essay : Deer Ranch

Descriptive Essay : Deer Ranch

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I would like to own a deer Ranch. You have to keep the fenced in area managed to look like the woods. My deer ranch will be in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The name of my business would be Antler Ridge Deer Ranch. A deer ranch is a fenced in area where my Whitetail deer will be raised to be hunted as wild game. This would be my ideal business. It sounds like fun but there is a lot that comes with owning your own deer ranch. It takes a lot of your time and energy to manage. It will cost a lot of money, but in the end, you should end up ahead. This is all possible if you have a business plan.
How I would go about my deer ranch would be to buy whitetail deer as young fawns and raise them so that they are not used to humans so it is as if they were still in the wild. I would like to try to buy worthy genetics so I can get a good breed started. It would probably take at least a year or two to get to where I want to be with my population and size of the bucks. From there I would determine how many suitable deer there are available to have hunted. During deer season, I would have people pay me to come on the ranch to harvest some deer. So I do not have any population problems I will have a limit of how many deer can be hunted and which ones are the ones to hunt. During off-season, I would like to buy and sell genetics so I can keep making some profit to stay ahead. Eventually, when my ranch takes off I would like to expand.
I think that my biggest attraction will be opeining up the hunting opportunities to the disabled. I want to have low rate hunting for them. I want everyone to have an equal opportunity to hunt and get the experience.
The research that I found does compare to what I had thought. This came as a shock to me with how...

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...w is my mission statement:
Here at Antler Ridge we thrive in the quality and management of our deer herd! To ensure proper management we offer equal opportunity hunts to underprivileged and disabled hunters. Antler Ridge will continue to grow with our outlook of the great outdoors and drive to preserve hunting traditions for years to come!
This is the whole point to my business. This will bring attention to people who want to get the real experience if they cannot go out and do it themselves.
The culture of my business is to give anyone and everyone a chance to be a hunter. To experience what it is like to hunt for your food. In addition, what it feels like to live in the Upper Peninsula. We strive in helping underprivileged and disabled people to have a chance to be equal. We strive to continue hunting traditions for as long as we can. Hunting is the way of life.

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