Descriptive Essay : Criminals Versus Tattoos

Descriptive Essay : Criminals Versus Tattoos

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Incarcerated Criminals versus Tattoos; a display form of artistic creativity, tattoos have been associated with criminals that have been incarcerated. In today’s society, convicted males and females who display their tattoos are assumed to be “hard core”. Tattoos are a representation of a person character or characteristic. Tattoos are reputations that criminals withhold that marks there place in society and while they are incarcerated. That is the reason, why many criminals have tattoos? But then again, tattoos don’t always represent toughness or hard core. There is a part of society that has a different representation for displaying art/tattoos that does not mean “hard core”. For the non-convicted criminals of society, it means beauty, art, symbols and sometimes even a story. Could convicted criminals be a part of this population? So, this leads me to a few speculations. Do criminals get tattoos because they have keep up with their reputation; or, do they have a general love for tattoos? This is the concept of Vanity vs. Honesty.
What is the difference between Vanity and Honesty? Well, there are multiple definitions for Vanity, and Honesty. But there is one specific definition that deals directly with this prompt. The definition as followed; Vanity would be the act of doing something for other people, trying to keep the name or the name that others made for them. Which is completely opposite for honesty. Honesty would be the act of doing something for one’s self. In this case it would be considered, someone getting tattoos because they generally appreciate the artistry. For a convicted criminals tattoos have a deeper meaning, it represents their home growing, lifestyle, their name tag into society and the reputation th...

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...get tattoos to help them survive in their situations. I truly believe people have to change to adapt/ survive in their situation/environment. This is how I view convicted criminals with tattoos.
So, do criminals get tattoos out of Vanity or Honesty? I gave my opinion on the subject. However; I would love to hear others perspectives of this topic. I believe that each person will have their own perspective of this topic. Some might say that criminals get tattoos out of honesty because of their point of view, or relations with this topic. No, my point of view isn’t condemning all people who have tattoos to call them criminals. It is the criminal population that my perspective is coming from. People get tattoos for many different reasons; for love, death, inspiration, it’s a representation of their charter, personality, where they came from and where they are going.

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