Descriptive Essay : Antique Rocking Chair

Descriptive Essay : Antique Rocking Chair

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Antique Rocking Chair (10)

The Rocking Chair belonged to your paternal grandmother’s maternal grandfather, Anton Peterson. The chair was in use during my childhood in the home of my grandparents, Bill and Clara Swanson, after which it passed to my parents and then to me. My best estimation of the origins of the rocking chair is that Anton purchased the chair either during the time period that he lived with his daughter, Clara, and son-in-law, Willie (Bill), on a farm in Peaceful Valley, from 1914 until 1921, or shortly after they acquired and moved into the large house in Harris immediately following their residency on the farm. The years on the farm were profitable due to high prices as the war lingered on in Europe, which would have given Anton the financial means to purchase the chair. It also seems logical that he made the acquisition to furnish the larger dwelling in Harris.

Silver-plate Flatware (9)

This is our good silverware, which we use for our formal holiday dinners at our home. We selected this silverware for our wedding registry and received it piecemeal as wedding gifts from numerous guests.

Toboggan (9)

The toboggan belonged to your paternal grandmother, Dorothy Mae Swanson (Blomquist). My estimation is that it was purchased for her by her parents on or around 1940. To date it has been used by four generations of our family. We used it when we slid on the hill on the north side of the barn in Harris with Mike, Carleen, Brent and Kirsten Ronchetti. I used it on the same hill as a child as did my mother in her childhood. Jasmine and Savannah have gone down the hill in North Branch’s Riverside Park on the toboggan. Hopefully, future generations will continue to use and enjoy the tob...

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... I used it for hunting squirrels.

World War I Helmet (8)

In addition to being a family heirloom this helmet has historical significance. The helmet belonged to and was used by your paternal grandfather’s father, John Blomquist, in World War I. John saw action during October of 1918 in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. During this offensive, the foremost American operation in scope of the war, approximately 400,000 doughboys attacked and drove a German army from their defensive positions in the thickly forested hills of the Argonne in northeastern France. After intense fighting to dislodge the Germans, the casualty count reached appalling heights. The American Expeditionary Forces suffered 26,277 killed and 95,786 wounded.

My father received the helmet when his father passed away. I came into possession of it when my father gave it to me a few years ago.

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