Descriptive Essay : An Amusement Park

Descriptive Essay : An Amusement Park

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Eren watched the retreating backs of his two best friends as they walked on ahead chatting animatedly with each other as if they haven’t wronged him in any way. How could they betray him like this? Mikasa must’ve noticed her brother’s grumbling behind her because she stopped and pressed her finger into his forehead without him realizing. The jolt surprised him and anger overtook surprise in a matter of seconds.

“Ow! What the hell Mikasa?!” Eren griped and rubbed the sore spot on his forehead. He’d definitely have a discernible nail mark after that.

“You were muttering again and also you’re scaring the small children. That includes Armin.” She gestured to the petite blond beside her. As she said this, a couple of kids ran past his legs smiling and allowing their oversized balloons to hit him in the face. Yes, he was at the last place he wanted to be at the moment; an amusement park. Eren saw that Armin wasn’t dismayed at all, particularly because this whole thing was his and his boyfriend Erwin’s idea. Eren internally gagged at the name because he thought the guy was too large, too old, too shifty, too everything! In the back of his mind no one was good enough for his best friend. Armin must’ve caught on to the inner workings of his brain along their years of friendship because Armin nudged Eren and took his hand, leading him along. “Oh he isn’t that bad Eren, stop making that face. Besides he got us free tickets today. He feels bad I haven’t been able to see either of you much.” He explained.

That shut Eren up. It wasn’t because the park was too hot, too crowded, and too overpriced. Eren’s hesitancy was mainly because he thought he’d have to spend the entire afternoon watching his best friend and an entirely large blond wall o...

... middle of paper ...

...spread cheer to the park? The face in the corner had a bored expression like he was forced to take that photo and he would mouth off to the man behind the camera. At least he was hot.

“-ren? Eren!” Armin snapped to his attention and shook Eren’s shoulders. “You spaced out. Maybe we could just leave it with someone and we can go on that ride” Armin was being helpful as he always was but Eren saw something, an opportunity. He wasn’t sure what would come of it yet but he felt like he needed to know more about the man behind the mask. “You two go on ahead. I’ll just give it back to him and meet up with you right after.” He assured them.

“What if that bunny midget wants a fight?” Mikasa questioned with a sort of glint in her eye. Eren shrugged and reassured them both he’d be fine. After some deliberation, Armin and Mikasa went on ahead leaving Eren to return the ID.

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