Descriptive Essay : Amusement Parks

Descriptive Essay : Amusement Parks

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Amusement parks are by far one of the most thrilling places on earth. As you wait in a long line to get in park, you can hear numerous kids, adults, and tourist shouting off the top of their lungs due to a tremendous jaw-dropping drop on their beloved roller coasters.
Waiting in line to your favorite roller coaster is one of the most nerve wrecking and electrifying things about being at the park. Waiting in line is one of the times where you can read numerous people exact emotions. You can see people shaking and trembling in their pants as they await their turn. Kids are jumping with joy and excitement to get on the thrilling coaster. While their mother, on the other hand is trying to calm them down because inside, her heart is beating faster than the speed of light. The dads are just as overjoyed about the ride as the kids are! Teenage girls are starting to become more and more petrified as they get closer to the front of the line while teenage boys are acting like a kid on Christmas morning. Everyone is beaming with excitement and nerves, but deep down all their stomachs are turning like clothes in a washing machine.
While in line for greatest ride of your life it begins to be painful. Your heart starts to pound harder, your hands start to get sweaty, your legs start to tremble and it becomes hard to stand. The people loading the ride are tripping over their own feet due to the nerves taking over their bodies. Seeing people who get on the ride hold on to the holding bars before the ride even begins make the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The sound of people screaming while on the ride, you are waiting makes goosebumps appear, on the surface of your skin. Seeing the riders go upside down, with their hand up m...

... middle of paper ... a way that was unimaginable. They don’t know that by the time they get off the ride, their body will feel weightless like an astronaut in space.
Walking out of the line, you pass by the picture station. You see all the people on the ride with you and their facial expressions. Some of their expressions were gruesome, with crying faces, or with their tongues wide out. While others were quiet comical, with people with huge gummy smiles on their face because they knew a picture was about to be taken. There are also pictures of people laughing at their neighbor who was balling their eyes out. Some people were even so scared they are pictured with a beet red face and tears raining down their face. This is the best part of the amusement part. Seeing the excitement, fear, and joy in people’s eyes and talking about the ride with other riders brings a warm feeling inside.

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