Descriptive Essay About The World And Dignity / Global Issues / Middle East

Descriptive Essay About The World And Dignity / Global Issues / Middle East

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41) What languages do you expect to hear? I would hear English, Hebrew, and Arabic.
42) Do you have something special that you want to say or do when you are at the site? I would like to be able to soak it all in, physically and mentally. I would like this experience to mature me as a Christian.
43) Search for information and pictures of past pilgrimages at this site. Then,
44) List at least three links and give one sentence description of each site: This is an awesome website, for people who are planning a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. This website explains what sites you could visit, it explains what events, there are for you to visit. It also gives you special offers that could save you money. actions/human-life-and dignity/global-issues/middle east: This website explained all the regulations you would have to follow, while you were in the Holy Line. It also explained the different emotional ties that the different factions had throughout the Holy Land. This website gave valuable information to the Christians, it explained the Crista churches, It very useful information for the Christians who visit the area. Useful contacts, transportation throughout the area.
45) Do you need special clothes? The only special clothes that you would need to bring with you, are the dress clothes, that you would need for the church services.
46) What kind? The clothes that you would need are suites and ties, and dresses. It would be the same type of clothes that you would wear to church.
47) Where would you obtain them? You would be able to obtain them at any local store that is in your area.
48) How much will this cost? The cost would depend on what you buy, and th...

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...g on the history of the Dome of the Rock. I have also discovered why this site means so much too so many people. I also learned that architecture wise, it was one of the best designed buildings in the world, due to the Dome on the outside, to the arches in the inside of the building.
70) List any unexpected discoveries: The largest discovery that I have made during this pilgrimage was that, I didn’t realize that Jerusalem was so extremely secular. In other words part of it is ran by Islam, part of it is ran by Christians and the third part is ran by a mixture. People of this town actually look down upon one another. Rock of the Dome is Islamic ran, and if the visitor isn’t Islamic they are extremely limited, on what they can do around the Dome, to the point they are not even allowed to pray while they are on the property.
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