Description of The Universe of Creativity Essay example

Description of The Universe of Creativity Essay example

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My brothers and I are odd cases in relation to the rest of our family. We were, for one reason or another, blessed with the abilities to understand and perform music. Through this innate form of creative expression, I was released to the world of the right brained and found fascination in the act of creation. Due to my need to create something fresh and authentically my own, it made slim my options toward a career choice. I had to do something that would allow me to show my individualism, express my interpreted thoughts in a medium, universally understood, and allow for that idea to be nurtured by not only myself, but by others with similar quirks. My conclusion: Advertising.
Other than the arts, it is an industry which represents a lovely blend between bureaucratic business and colorful creativity. Just my cup of tea. Most specifically, I wish to be the Creative Director of an agency, the catalyst to creation. Everything passes through them and in turn by their team. With this combination of creative and social skills, I felt it to be a perfect fit for my wondering mind. However, what intrigues me the most about this position and mystifies me with the same intensity is the director’s involvement with the creative process. A process distinctly human and free thinking, sometimes random and inappropriate, but always necessary. How creativity comes about in advertising and the means by which it is formed, intrigues me the most about this phenomena.
The Indefinite Definition
“The creative aspect of life which finds its clearest expression in art baffles all attempts at rational formulation.”
- C. G. Jung
Before discussing any more, clarity toward the term “creativity” should be defined. “[Creativity] is extraord...

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Appendix A
1. What do you do here at Fivestone?
2. What kinds of creativity go into a collaborated project?
3. Are there areas where creativity is needed more?
4. What is the creative process behind a project?
5. Where in this process are you most involved?
6. How much creative freedom is given to you in a project?
7. What makes someone successful in this creative business?

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