Description Of The Physical Security Field Essay

Description Of The Physical Security Field Essay

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The physical security field can be broken down into two very general but separate areas: types of security and security components. The Types of Security outlines different areas or sectors where why and how security is conducted differ. Security components break down Physical Security even further, speaking to the more intricate areas of any Security type or team.
Security is as diverse as the people who manage these teams or the organizations who hire them. The Types of Security can be classified into a large amount, and this report captures the most prevalent of the bunch. Loss prevention is one of the most common Types of Security, present at larger department stores and shopping centers. Executive protection is conducted very often by the other Types of Securities in the scope of their work. There is hospital security, event security, corporate security, and school security.
Loss Prevention
Loss prevention is security conducted usually in a retail store setting. The members of this team are usually known as Loss Prevention Officers (LPO’s). The security team is tasked with assisting in the applicable portions in the reduction of, “shrink, comprised of shoplifting, employee and supplier fraud, and administrative errors (Ritchey, ‘Tis the Season, 10).” LPO’s must deter, locate, and capture both internal and external shoplifters. They provide education to cashiers to prevent fraud, such as identity theft and credit card fraud. Employee theft and shoplifting account for 81% of retail shrink in the U.S. (Ritchey, ‘Tis the Season, 10). Target is known for having one of the best loss prevention teams in the US.
Executive Protection
Executive Protection (EP) is the protectio...

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... not a foreseeable issue because it seemed that there was a wealth of information post 9/11 for the Security Field. Trying to navigate the Lehman Library for resources with this topic was done with great difficulty. The word security itself is tied to so many topics that unrelated sources flooded my results.
This field can be a very rewarding one. Assisting others and protecting them from harm is a great reason to go to work. In management, they emphasize having employees focus on their purpose over task. In the Security field, finding, focusing, and living your purpose is not a difficult task. Finding employment in the Security field is not hard, but finding a good job and/or career in the field is more laborious. There are different levels of security organizations out there and just like any other work; an individual must be careful where they choose to work at.

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