Description Of The Human Managment Essay

Description Of The Human Managment Essay

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Done by Sany Nelson, Chi Phan Linh, Mohamed Al Harthy, Jitkanya Rangnoktai

Job description
Position- Sales Manager
Reports to- General Manager

Job Purpose
As a sales manager of three he/she must implement sales strategies to precede existing sales. Perform effective planning and budgeting so as to achieve sales targets with respect to organizational goals. Supervising staff with the aim of boosting sales.
Duties and responsibilities

1. Set goals
• Set sales goals for the company by improving initially drawn up goals so as to bring clarity of the company’s expected future.
• He/she must then analyze the company’s present position and make necessary alterations to the sales goals so that they can adapt to changes to gain a competitive edge against competitors.
• The purpose of this function is the betterment of the company’s previous performance my elevating overall sales.

2. Budgeting, Planning and Organizing
• Forecast the company’s revenues and expenditure for modifying budgeting patterns followed by thorough planning in order to successfully implement these patterns.
• Prepare annual budget statements to study the profitability of the organization.
• Ensure resources are used in an optimum manner henceforth avoiding wasteful resources to keep within estimated budgets.
• Execute these plans and organize in order to make the division of tasks at ease.

3. Implementing
• Prior to implementing he/she has to forecast the required workforce with the purpose of recruiting, selecting and training in time following which the selected workforce must be assigned tasks and given clear idea on the task they are to p...

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